Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet little boy

After Grandpa Greg heard about Jaxon's fall, he decided that Jaxon should have an early birthday present, so he brought him over a bright red trike (and a helmet - if only he had that on a few hours earlier!!) Jaxon thought both of these presents were really cool and had a blast riding around. I think it made him forget about his tumble a few hours earlier.

Can't you just sense his excitement? I LOVE this picture!

Climbing on.

Thanks Grandpa!

So, where should I go?

All done riding for now.

Rough Week

As you can see by all the earlier posts, this summer has been amazing. Full of fun and laughter. However, this last week was a bit of a tough week. On Saturday, the 14th, Jaxon was busy walking around the house as usual, we he tripped over his own feet and fell to the floor (not an uncommon thing), however this time on his way down he hit the end table and ended up slicing his eyelid. It looked like he was going to need stitches, so off we went to Urgent Care. The doctor decided that they didn't need to do stitches, but they would use DermaBond instead (kind of like superglue) It really didn't seem to hurt Jaxon much, but he HATED being held down, and it took the nurse, the doctor and Jason and I to keep him still. After all was said and done, we went home for a quiet morning and of course I held him through this long morning nap. Couldn't help but snuggle with the little guy after he had to go through that. Later that day we went down to Riverfront Park for KidsFest, however we forgot the camera, so no pictures of that, but Jaxon loved seeing all the little kids and he got a balloon which he thought was awesome! Here are a few photos from that day of his injury.

It started to scab up within a few days and then it just looked like he had eyeshadow or something on. The scab finally fell off on the next Saturday.

Sunday we headed back to the River and had a great day. Then on Monday morning through a bit of miscommunication between Jason and I, Jaxon fell down our stairs from the dining room to the landing by the Front Door. I was just steps behind him and saw him fall (which I still can't get that image out of my mind!) He hit about half way down and then landed on the landing. Luckily our stairs are carpeted and he is a tough little boy. But it still maybe mommy and daddy just about throw up. He cried for a few minutes and then was fine. I was on the phone to the nurse hotline and they gave me all the things to look for. He ended up being just fine, but it was so scary for us! We are now a little OCD about the gates and hopefully Jaxon won't have a complex about the stairs. Looks like our little guys loves adventure and it's good thing he's so tough!

Tough day - completely worn out. He fell asleep while laying in his exersaucer!

Spokane River

The day after Silverwood - we headed back over to Idaho and launched our boat in Post Falls and then cruised to Coeurd'Alene Lake along the Spokane River. It was a great trip and the perfect distance for Jaxon. Grandpa, Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jesse were able to come with, so we had a great time. We had such a good time, in fact, that the next weekend, we took the boat back over and did the same trip. It takes us about 45 minutes or an hour to go from Post Falls to CDA Lake, then we spend some time on the lake and then head back to Post Falls. There are some gorgeous houses along the way and lots for sale - so who knows, we may be talking to our realtor soon - how fun would it be live on the water there. Just kidding, we aren't planning on moving just yet, but each time we take that trip, we are daydreaming about which one we should buy :-)

Getting ready to take off!
Family shot - as you can tell, Jaxon loves the boat (and is still carrying around his hammer that he got the day before at Silverwood)

Uncle Jesse and Jaxon on Lake Coeurd'Alene.

Sporting Uncle Jesse's "Stud Club" hat.

Near the end of our trip - the River Boat from Templins.

Trip to Silverwood

We didn't really have anything going on the first weekend of August, so we thought it would be fun to take Jaxon to Silverwood. I hadn't been their since my bachelorette party 9 years ago and it had been almost 15 years for Jason. So, we packed up and headed out for the day. Little did we know, that it was the most popular Saturday of the summer for Silverwood and when we got there, we found out there was 11,000 people there that day - CRAZY. But lucky for us, we weren't too interested in the rides, so we didn't have to wait in line. We mostly walked all around the park and checked out all of the new things that have been added since the last time we were there. It is now a HUGE theme park with a great water park, lots of new rides, etc. etc. We can only imagine how fun it will be next year when Jaxon is big enough to go on more of the rides, but we did take him the carousel and he enjoyed taking a look at all the water park features. It was a beautiful, HOT, summer day and we had lots of fun at Silverwood.
Making a game plan with Jaxon as to where he would like to go. We had already taken a stop at the candy shop and Aunt Heidi had bought him a new hammer that will filled with Runts (which Daddy ate for him!) He carried that hammer around the entire day. (He is really into hammers right now! We're thinking he'll either be a carpenter or judge, LOL)

Ready for his first ride!

Once it got up to full speed, he wasn't quite sure what to think!

Family photo - as you can see, Jaxon was preoccupied by the helicopter ride that we were standing in front of.

Daddy and Jaxon on the bridge. We were going to take him on the little kid roller coaster, but it seemed just a little too fast for him.

Walking around. He is getting so independent, he really didn't want to hold my hand.

He stopped at each bench along the way to talk to whomever was sitting there. He is very social!

Helping out the grounds crew by "fixing" their flowers for them!

Checking out one of the wave pools.

Getting his feet wet by an incoming wave.

We went and ate dinner in the Saloon and Jaxon was fascinated by the piano player. The young man was a great piano player and Jaxon absolutely couldn't take his eyes off.

More fun at the Water Park.

If you look really closely you'll see Jason getting ready to go down the middle slide.

All done! Tired and ready to head home. He feel asleep very quickly once the car started moving on our way home.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jaxon's First Fourth of July

Another first - Jaxon's First Fourth of July. We spent the day at Loon Lake - the weather wasn't too hot, so there weren't too many boats on the lake which was nice. The Kaufman's were up at there cabin, so we got to spend some time with them as well. Another great day!

Brent & Hailey - with Kayla on the tube in the background.

Jaxon ready to go. We were a part of the boat parade at the beginning of the day. We felt a little out of place as our only decoration was the little flag that you see in the background. But we did have a cute baby dressed up in red, white and blue, so I really think that made us the best boat of all!

Happy to be out on the boat with Mommy & Daddy!

Playing Outside

As I think I mentioned before Jaxon loves playing in the water and he also loves to play on his little swingset/slide (thanks Jaidean & Trevor for passing this down to us - he enjoys it greatly!) Here a few pictures of Jaxon playing in our backyard with his swingset and the swimming pool Aunt Heidi bought for him!

Ready to go!

Showing off his "I'm one!" new skill! We've been working on that for a while now.

The swingset is just the perfect size for him.

Loves, loves, loves the water!

It was a little cold at first, but he just has a great time playing in it.

Jaxon's First Indians Game

Having Jaxon has helped us to go out and do some of the fun things that we haven't done for years. We took Jaxon to an Indians Baseball Game (actually that's what Jaxon got Jason for Father's Day was tickets to the game). The weather was absolutely perfect and the game was very fun - they even won! As you can see here, we had a great time and we definitely won't wait another 15 years before we go again!

He's so cute in his little baseball hat and tank top!

With daddy at the end of the game.

A tired family, after an fun-filled exhausting weekend.

Settler's Parade

There have been so many firsts this year, including the pictures here - his first parade - Settler's in Deer Park. We went with Grandpa and Aunt Heidi, none of us had been in probably 10 years of so, but it was just about exactly the same. Jaxon wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but he really liked seeing the horses and the BIG trucks. Here are a few pictures from that day.
Where are we going?

Checking things out. That day it was REALLY hot, so we had umbrellas for shade.

Having a good time -next year will be really exciting when he can collect all the candy that is thrown out.

Showing off his walking skills at Grandpa's after the parade.

It was a nice hot day, so after the parade we took the boat up to Loon Lake and Jaxon got to go swimming for the first time. He absolutely loved it! When we lifted him out and put back on the swim deck he wanted to jump back in, what a brave little boy we have!

Jaxon's First Boat Ride!

We took Jaxon out for his first boat ride in June. He wasn't sure what to think at first, especially of the life jacket. It was like he thought he couldn't move at all with that on - actually pretty hilarious! He loves water though, so as soon as realized all the water was moving around behind the boat, he loved watching it. And he really loved watching Bubba swim. Here are a few pictures from our first boat ride.

Helping Daddy drive.

Bubba, our water dog. He absolutely loves to swim. He can barely contain himself while he is in the boat, he just wants to jump in! And no, he doesn't really need this life jacket, he can swim just fine, it's just that the handle on the top makes it a lot easier to get him back in the boat when he is done.

Watching Bubba swim from the shore.