Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Boy Bed!

We transitioned Jaxon at the end of June to his "Big Boy Bed" Jason took the railings off the crib and added the toddler bed rail while I was giving Jaxon a bath, so it was all finished when we came back into Jaxon's room. He was sooooo excited. He ran over, jumped on the bed and just could not stop smiling, it was pretty adorable! He has slept really well in it too. The first morning that he woke up, I heard a quiet "Mommy.....mommy" in his monitor. I walked into his room and he was jut sitting in the middle of the bed. When I came he he said "Big Boy Bed" but it sounds more like "Beebee Bed" I told him, yes, Daddy made you a big boy bed last night and he got up, ran into our room and started yelling at Jason (who was still sleeping) "Daddy Thank You BeeBee Bed" and he ran back to me in his room soooo happy. He ran back and forth thanking Jason about 6 times. He absolutely loves having a big boy bed. It made Jason and I tear up a little when we first saw him crawling around on it. How fast our "little" boy is growing up! Without a crib in the room, he definitely doesn't seem like a "baby" anymore!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


As I mentioned earlier, Jaxon loves being outside and we finally have some nice weather to enjoy. And since he is his father's son :-) He loves to "work" outside. Here are a few pictures of him working outside.

Digging out the weeds in the rocks. I think I might have mentioned, but he is quite the little perfectionist and likes everything in it's place. If one little rock gets in the grass he says "uh,oh" and quickly makes sure it gets back where it belongs!

Digging in the dirt. He loves to wear hats these days and of course has to put them on himself - so some days it can be quite entertaining to see how he's going to be wearing his hat.

Posing with the moose in the flower bed!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Fun

It's been a while since I've posted anything to Jaxon's blog, but that's only because we've been havng such a fun summer. We are rapidly approaching Jaxon's 2nd birthday (so hard to believe!) His favorite things right now are:

* Kipper the cartoon show (he absolutely LOVES Kipper) and it's pretty fun to sit back and watch him laugh and point at the show when something funny comes on.

* Anything outside, he loves to go on walks and shoot "Hoops" and "Dribble" with Nay-Nay or Shaunae, his nanny. Each morning when he gets up the first thing he says is "Hoops, Nay-Nay" He certainly is going to miss her this fall as she is getting married and moving away to finish college .

*Milk - he still loves milk. He drinks it first thing in the morning, with each meal and before he goes to bed at night - he just can't get enough. We go through about 2 gallons a week, just for him. I'm seeing visions of how much milk I will be putting in my grocery cart as he gets even bigger!

*The alaphabet - he must sing the alphabet song about 100 times each day (just kidding), but he does LOVE letters! He points them out, sings about them, reads them in his books...he definitely loves them! He actually can also spell his have to start him out with the J, but them he will fill in the rest with A X O N! And a HUGE smile when he finishes.

*Grammy - we have been visiting with my Grandma a lot lately since she has had some medical problems. Each time we would pull up to the care center where she stayed for 3 weeks he would throw his hands up in the air and yell "GRAMMY, YEA!!" I think he is quickly realizing that Grammy always has either chocolate or cookies and he really looks forward to that too :-) There is really nothing cuter though when we leave...he gives her a big hug and kiss, says "Wuv u Grammy" and then as he starts to walk away he always turns around, points at her and says "Back" for we'll be back!! Melts my heart each time!

I think that I say this every time, but Jaxon just keeps getting more and more cute and we are loving this stage even more than the last. He is becoming so much of his own little person and we can't wait to see what he is going to learn with each passing day. I'll catch up on pictures on my next post!