Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tea Party 2009

We like to kick off the Christmas Season with our annual Thompson Ladies' Tea Party at our house. This year we had a great turnout and it was so fun to see everyone before the holidays got really busy!!! Here's a great photo of everyone there - 19 in all (20 with the baby here with Erin - due in February!!) Thanks again everyone for coming - we love this tradition!

Jaxon's First Christmas

Jaxon's first Christmas was amazing!! How fun it is to experience Christmas with kids again! Of course Jaxon was completely spoiled (as the first Grandchild on both sides, I think it was kind of expected!!) I can't wait until next year when he'll know even more about what's going on. Here are some highlights of our holiday!
Jaxon as Santa's Helper, helping Grandpa John decorate his tree!

Exhausted after opening presents with Grandpa Greg on Christmas Eve

Sporting his new "I Hunt for Hugs" hat from Grandpa Greg. Sooooo cute!

Christmas Eve - after Santa had came and dropped off Jaxon's presents!

Jaxon getting ready to open his stocking at home on Christmas morning - he was a very good boy this year :-)

More Christmas Morning

Jaxon's new toy from Santa!!

Mommy waking Jaxon up Christmas morning - we just couldn't wait any longer!

Opening presents later with Grandpa & Aunt Heidi

Santa left Jaxon a HUGE stocking filled with great things at Grandpa's house!

Opening presents later with Grandma.