Monday, April 26, 2010

more Easter 2010

We had Easter Brunch at our house. Jason's Mom, brother, Grandma and Grandpa, as well as my Dad and sister came over for the morning. We had a great brunch, then we colored easter eggs and made the traditional bunny cake. A great morning! Then we headed up to the lake (forgot our camera of course) but had a great Easter Dinner with my Dad's family.

Family photo.

Jaxon sporting his new hat. Of course Jason had to pick out a fedora for him!

Jaxon was very tired after Brunch and took a nice nap before coloring eggs.

First time coloring Easter eggs.

He was pretty excited about his first Bunny Cake - he'll be even more excited next year when he gets to taste it! YUM!

Jaxon's First Easter - 2010

It's so fun to experience the holidays with kids! It's like being a kid all over again. So, it was so exciting to have the Easter Bunny visit our house this year. Though, he didn't have to try hard to hide the eggs (four eggs hidden right in the middle of the living room floor) he did leave a special basket with eggs, banana baby food, and a dancing/singing Donald Duck dressed as the Easter Bunny - which Jaxon thinks is hilarious and Bubba is not too sure about :-)

Jaxon seeing his Easter Basket for the first time.

Of course, everything goes straight to his mouth.

Working hard to chew on the plastic eggs!

Watching Donald sing and dance in amazement!

Donald also moves closer to you as he sings/dances.