Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Program

As I mentioned earlier, Jaxon started "school" this month. Each year they have a Christmas program and Jaxon started just in time to be in the program. It was held at the church on Whitworth's campus and as you can see, the place was packed!!! The program had the infants, up to the 3rd graders. A few days when Jaxon went to daycare they had gone to rehearsals and it definitely paid off :-) They did a great job. It really was cute, his name was listed in the program and they had the 3rd graders on stage with them to help them sing the songs. All the infants had jingle bells around their wrists so they could participate. Jaxon didn't get stage fright at all (he's a natural performer!!) All of his grandparents were there and his Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jesse - we can't wait until next year, when he will really know what's going on and be able to sing along with the other kids!!

There was standing room only!! Definitely a school filled with supportive parents/families!
His class up on stage (he's being held by the lady in the black sweater (one of his teachers)

Picking him up downstairs after the infants were done with their part.

Relaxing in the audience watching the rest of the show!

Music Lover!!

Jaxon loves listeing to music - especially live music (surprise, surprise) We went to several concerts while I was pregnant, and daddy played the guitar for him often - so I guess it just seems natural to him. Here he is listening to Grandma play the guitar, and loving it!!!


We took Jaxon to go see Santa for the first time, he really didn't seem to mind sitting on his lap -although I'm sure it might be a different story next year!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Day of "School"

Jaxon started daycare last week at North Wall Child Development Center. It was a rough day leaving him for the whole day, but we both went so that it was a little easier. He went a few weeks ago for a trial two hours, so it wasn't the first time we had left him there, but this was the first full day. It's a great center, they have infants through 6th grade if you want to continue them there through primary school. His teachers are really nice, he has the same two teachers all the time and they already love him so much (well who wouldn't??) They give us a report each day as to when he ate, had his diaper changed, slept, etc. and we get email updates each week with pictures of the kids in his class, what they learned that week, etc. It's really an awesome place. And he only goes two days a week - Tuesdays & Thursdays, so that's nice too. Anyway, here are some photos of his first full day there.

This is one of the playgrounds. The infant room has windows all the way to the floor that overlook this playground, so that they can watch the big kids play. They also have a 6 kid "buggy" that they take the infants outside in each day for a walk around the "nature trail"

Daddy & Jaxon getting ready to go inside.

Just arriving.

His cubby for his things - it has his picture too on his hook and basket.

Mom getting ready to hand him over to his "teacher"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jaxon's 1st Christmas Tree!!!!!

Arriving at Greenbluff - ready to go get Jaxon's first Christmas tree!

Photo by Santa, Jaxon is a mostly hidden by Jason's coat - it was pretty cold outside!

Aunt Heidi found her tree!

Hunting for the perfect tree.

Jaxon slept through the adventure.

Lots of trees to choose from.

This is the one.

Jason getting ready to cut it down.

All that's left to do is decorate it.

Family photo op just before we left.

More Thanksgiving photos

Jaxon hanging out with Natalie.

Jaxon and daddy getting lots of great food! Gotta love the Thompson family traditional Thanksgiving dinner!

Getting ready for our Wii American Idol Challenge - lots of laughs!!

Krista & James closing out the show with a great duet.

Jaxon's cousin Emma - next Thanksgiving they'll be running around together....

Kaden showing off all his olives!!

His cute First Thanksgiving outfit from Aunt Heidi

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Jaxon relaxed and comfy during Grandpa's party!

Jaxon's favorite toy right now! He loves the lights and music...

Happy Birthday Grandma Kim!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two Month Appointment

I've been so bad at posting lately, but we definitely have been busy and there will be LOTS of pictures to follow! We started off with Grandma Kim's birthday on the 18th at our house, then had Jaxon's two month appointment with yes - his first round of shots! He did great though, a little crying when the nurse stuck him, and then just cuddling and sleepy the rest of the day (he's such a little tough guy) His stats at the appointment were: 10 pounds 13 ounces (which is the 25 percentile) He is 23 inches long (50th percentile) So he is growing exactly proportionate to what he was at 1 month - perfect. Then that same week we celebrated Grandpa John's Birthday at our house, then we had the Thompson family Thanksgiving at our house with lots of family and way too much food. And then of course the day after Thanksgiving Jaxon got to experience his first Black Friday shopping experience with me, his Aunt Heidi and Jaidean, and I must say that he loved it! I'm so glad he's such a great shopper!! Next we spent Saturday watching Jason put up all of the Christmas lights on our house, then we went out to Greenbluff on Sunday and cut down Jaxon's first Christmas tree. Monday night we spent decorating the tree and Jaxon just loves to stare at the lights. After all of that excitement the last week - Jaxon slept 7 hours last night without waking up - which was awesome for us! He then went to his first day of daycare or "school" as they call it there, and met his teacher and all of his new little friends. I was surprised that they went to rehearsal this afternoon for their Christmas Program, which Jaxon will be a part of next Friday night (how fun - his first Christmas Program - we can't wait)! Anyway, that's a quick update of our last week or so - and like I said earlier, lots of pictures to follow!