Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We were so fortunate to have Jaidean ( take Jaxon's pictures again, here are a few of my favorites. These were taken at 7 months.

He does this face when he is really excited!

Chillin' in his crib.

Happy to be on Mommy & Daddy's bed.

How sweet and innocent is this?? I think I love it because of his shirt too...

Seeing the ocean for the first time - at Alki Beach.

Checking out the view with Daddy.

Looking towards downtown Seattle.

View from our Hotel Room.

Jaxon favorite toy - his monkey. They have great conversations together ;-)


Sound asleep in the hotel room, snuggling with his monkey.

Funny faces at Daddy!

"Dad, are you serious?"

"Oh, you are so funny Daddy." I can just imagine the crazy things that this little boy will do, have you met his dad?

Even in the hotel room, we read his favorite books before bedtime!

It's been a while...

Well I haven't been very good about posting lately, so I have a lot to catch up on. We have been extremely busy (what's new) the past two months. We started at the end of March- we took a trip to Missoula to check out the campus with Jesse, then we spent a week in Olympia for work training, then my birthday, then we spent a week in Seattle for another work training, then Mother's Day, then we spent 2 days in Portland for...yes you guessed it - another work trip, then we celebrated Jason's birthday, then we went to Tacoma to watch Jesse at Track state - he competed in Shotput, Disucss and Hammer - and he placed 5th in Discuss and won a medal, it was so fun to be there to watch, then we spent 4 days in Seattle for work conference, then we celebrated Jesse's High School Graduation, and now we are about to celebrate Father's Day. Jason is also on a softball team with co-workers and friends, so we have those games on Friday nights. It has been such a fun two months, but I do know that Jaxon is definitely a little sick of riding in the car. Jason's cousin is getting married in Great Falls this weekend, but Jaxon just wouldn't sit through another 6 hour car ride, so unfortunately we are going to miss out on seeing his family. We'll definitely be planning a trip to Montana this summer so that Jaxon can meet the extended Korb family!

Just a few updates on Jaxon - he crawls around the house like crazy - he is very quick, he is now getting his 7th and 8th teeth, he can stand for minutes at a time, he took his first steps on Monday evening (while Jason and I were both home, what a good boy!), he LOVES drinking water out of a glass, cup or water bottle, he eats lots of new foods - as well as bread, pieces of banana and pieces of avacado...and boy does he make a mess while trying to feed himself those things, he now wears size 18 month pants and size 9 month - 12 month shirts, he can't stand wearing shoes (although I think they are so cute and always put them on with his outfit, he has them off in about 30 seconds flat), he is well travelled (as you saw in my earlier post) and has hotels and room service all figured out :-)

I think that's about it for all the on to the pictures. Sit back and relax because there are going to a lot posted tonight!