Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus!

Big week. If you know me well at all, you know that I always try and fit as much as humanly possible into the holidays. I love them. So, we started off the festivities with Jaxon's checkup/shots and our work Christmas Party on Tuesday the 14th, then the Fairwinds Family Holiday Dinner on Friday the 17th, then our annual Holiday Tea Party at our House on the 18th, then the week of Christmas we came home on Tuesday to Jaxon sick and him having a 102 temperature - his first high temp of his life and of course this scared his mommy. I had always heard the stories of when I was about his age and had convulsions when I was sick with a high temp, so Jaxon's first high temp was enough to scare me. Luckily with good medicine, a nice bath and rest (of course sleeping with mommy and daddy) he was feeling much better the next day. So, then on the 23rd Jaxon was scheduled to make a special appearance as Santa Claus at the big Christmas Party at Fairwinds for the residents. They definitely loved it and he had a great time. I was a little worried with him being sick just a day before and pretty fussy before we went out, but should have known, he is a born performer. As soon as we rounded the corner and came "on stage" in front of all those people, he was so happy and just went all around the room passing out candy canes to each resident. He had a great time - and so did the residents!

A little nervous, getting ready to come around the corner - isn't his outfit soooo cute?

Out in front of everyone

They loved seeing Jaxon as Santa!

He actually went around to each person and gave them candy canes - didn't stop or fuss at all the whole time - what a little angel.

More candy canes.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jaxon update

Although I am way behind on pictures, I thought I would write a little update on Jaxon. He is just about 17 months old. He has a total of 10 teeth with the top two back molars just about all the way through, and all 4 of his canine teeth starting to poke through. I know that I say this each time, but he is so much fun!!! Each stage that we go through, he just keeps getting more fun! He is starting to have memories of the fun things that we do and will tell you about them the next day. He got a basketball hoop from his Grandpa Schuler for Christmas and he now loves playing basketball. We took him to a couple of high school games at his Aunt Heidi (or "Abum" as he likes to call her) school, North Central. He loved, loved it! Then we went to the Groovy Shoes Basketball Game at the Arena with lots of halftime shows, lights, etc. and he really thought that was great. He plays basketball in the driveway whenever the weather is nice with his nanny, and he loves watching any kind of sports on tv. His favorite food right now has got to be macaroni and cheese - he is such a good boy whenever we go out to each and will sit still in a booster seat and eat his dinner like a big boy! The biggest news is that he actually has started to potty train himself this week. He comes up to us and lets us know he needs to use the toilet, we take him in, and he goes! He is so proud of himself. Of course we are along way from being completely potty trained, but how great is he? Well I think that about sums up my update for now - more to come soon! And I will definitely get caught up on the pictures soon!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Work Christmas Party

Our work Christmas Party this year was held at Pattison's Roller Skating Rink. We rented out the whole place and it really was a lot of fun. There was about 150 people there! Jaxon also got to try roller skating for the first time. We weren't sure how he would do (he had actually had is 15 month doctor appt that day and had four shots - he's such a trooper), but he absolutely LOVED it! He actually cried when we took the skates off because he wanted to keep going. So, so, so cute! Also, his stats from his doctor's appt: Weight 23 pounds 13 oz (40 percentile) Height 32 1/8 inches (75 percentile) and he is doing great - brilliant of course :-) Here a few photos from our fun night.

Getting ready - taking a drink first!

Here we go! I still can't believe they carry skates that small!

A little help from mommy and daddy.

How cute is he - and I loved his outfit that night too. Such a little stud!

Going to check out the Christmas tree in the middle after he was done skating - he was entertaining everyone by dancing out on the floor! He loves dancing to any and all music!