Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fairwinds Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Every year, Fairwinds, the retirement community where we work, holds a big Easter Egg Hunt and brunch. Jaxon attended last year, but he didn't quite get the idea of picking up the eggs. This year, however was a much different story. The festivities happened to be on my 32nd birthday, so we had a great time starting off the day with this fun time with family. Jaxon had a very good time picking up the eggs and putting them in his basket - although he gave most of them away to the other kids, he's very generous :-) He wasn't scared at all of the Easter Bunny, he even helped the Easter Bunny hand out his candy, again he is very helpful and generous! Here are a few photos from that morning.

There were over 900 eggs hidden. This was the toddler room. We usually hold the event outside, but it was pouring down rain on this day, so it was held indoors instead.

Meeting the Easter Bunny. Jaxon kept trying to give the Easter Bunny his basket, guess he thought he needed two!

Helping the Easter Bunny hand out his candy. The funny thing was, that Jaxon would take big handfulls of candy and would then walk it around and give it to all the kids that were waiting for the egg hunt to start. He never even put one piece in his own basket - just gave it out to others!

Hunting for eggs!

Then he found a ball in the gym, which looked like more fun to play with (next year he will realize that the eggs have candy and prize tickets in them, so I'm sure he will be more interested in the eggs)!

After the hunt...

Jaxon showing off the egg that had the prize ticket inside!

Jaxon going over to pick out his prize from Kathy & Vickie.

Jaxon had a great time passing out all of the candy from his eggs to the residents that were in the lobby. This is probably the last time he will be willing to give up all of his candy - he thought it was great fun and the residents absolutely love him!

Jaxon with the Easter Bunny.

Kaden and Emma with the Easter Bunny. My Grandma lives at Fairwinds, so it is great that Brad (my cousin) and Kendall (his wife) brought the kids to join in on the fun. She definitely loves it to have family around and she had a great time watching the kids hunt for the eggs, and then we had brunch together afterwards.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

On Sunday, April 17th we had the pleasure of walking with the Fairwinds Team at the Susan G. Komen event in Spokane. It was a cold, but beautiful morning. We did the 3.5 mile walk, Jaxon slept for almost all of the walk, but he did wake up in time to walk across the finish line!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Funny Faces at Dinner

Jaxon is so hilarious these days! I'm sure for those of you who know us well, you wouldn't have expected any less from Jason's son, but it is amazing how much Jaxon understands humor and what to do to make someone laugh. He is so much fun these days!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I love my books!

Jaxon loves reading books and it amazes me how many that he has memorized! I love when I come around the corner and see him engaged and reading on his own - too cute!