Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Ezra!

I feel that we are so blessed to have such a large extended family.  Jaxon absolutely loves the times that he gets to spend around all of his cousins, aunts & uncles, grandparents, etc.!  These pictures are from my cousin Kari's son' Ezra's 1st birthday party.  His birthday is the 4th of July (what a cool birthday, huh?)
 Jaxon, Kaden, Grammy, Emma, Ezra (and Kari)
 All the kids!
I love this picture - Jaxon and Grammy  :-)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We spent 4th of July at Loon Lake on our boat!  Of course we had a great time playing in the sun.  It was beautiful weather - finally.  The summer weather had taken a long time to show up, but we were glad it did.
 Captain Jaxon - driving the boat
 Hanging with Grandpa John
 Kayla and Hailee getting ready to take off tubing.
 Helping daddy drive (it's so cute, when Jaxon is tired, he will fall asleep while sitting there helping Jason drive, the movement and sounds of the boat put him right to sleep most afternoons)
Jesse catching some rays on the back of the boat.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Each year my aunt hosts the Thompson family at her house in Othello.  It was the last weekend in June, but by the weather you would have never guessed it!  I don't think I have ever been cold in Othello before during the summertime - but we still had a great time and Jaxon enjoyed seeing all of his cousins and playing in the pool!  Here are a few pictures from that Saturday.

 Great Grandma or "Grammy" as Jaxon calls her, with the great grandkids that were there that day.  She definitely was having a blast - you can tell by the laughing  :-)

And Grandma with the grandkids (and spouses) who were there that day.

Father 's Day 2012

We took our annual trip to Silverwood on Father's Day this year.  We went with Jaxon's buddies - the Knowltons and the Kaufmans.  Everyone had a blast.  It was perfect weather - not too hot, so there were no lines for any of the rides.  It was a great day!

 Jaxon taking his turn driving  :-)  Notice the concentration with the tongue!

 Buddies - Jaxon and Chase.

 Jaxon and Mommy on the little roller coaster - Jaxon still smiling after the first loop - a good sign.

 All the kids lined up - Sadie, Hailee, Cameron, Kayla, Jaxon and Chase.

 Jaxon and Daddy on the elephant ride.

 Chase and Jaxon on a ride all by themselves - we were wondering what they could have been talking about - LOL.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

As I have mentioned before, Jaxon goes to preschool at North Wall.  These pictures are from a big summer party they had just before the end of the school year.  Jaxon, of course, attends during summer as well, but they did take a week-long "summer vacation."  It was a fun party with Qdoba for dinner, treats, bouncy toys, cake walks, a cultural fair, prizes and more!  As you can see from these few snapshots, he had a great time and experienced many firsts!

His first snowcone!

Climed up his first inflatable slide!

First bouncy castle!


Jaxon started Soccertots in June.  There were about 6, 2 & 3 year olds in his class.  He loved having a coach and playing all of the fun little games.  It's amazing how much they actually do learn from the little classes. From start to finish his listening skills, social interaction and soccer skills got quite a bit better. 

 Choosing which ball to dribble down and score a goal!

 Playing messy monkey!  (Setting up all the cones and then going out and kicking them all over)

 On his spot, waiting for instructions from the coach.

Ending class with the parachute game!  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy 33rd Birthday Jason!

Jason celebrated his 33rd birthday May 26th.  Jaxon absolutely LOVES when it's someone's birthday (I think it's the cake and ice cream)  We had a great day - Jason went and played a round of golf first thing in the morning with Sam and Jesse at Wandermere, we then headed to Coeurd'Alene for the songwriters festival in the park, then we went out to an early dinner at a great new restaurant downtown - Steelhead Bar and Grill, then we celebrated with cake and presents at home - a very fun filled day with all of Jason's favorite things! 

 Loving his cake and ice cream!

Happy Birthday Jason!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just playing at home...

Backyard adventures with Daddy can be quite animated.  I think these pictures don't even need words to go along and you can imagine the story they are telling - like father like son!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun at the Park

Jaxon's absolute favorite thing to do right now is go to the park, especially the slides!  Any time we get in the car he wants to make a quick stop at the park.  I have debated about getting him a swing set for our house - however it's such a special adventure to go the park that I think we will keep it that way.  Here are a few photos from a couple of different stops at "the park" (which is anywhere that has playground equipment)!

Growing Up!

Just a few pictures from a day where he looked so grown up!  He can now open all of our doors (including the slider).  He has been potty trained since about January.  He has this little belt that Jason and Jesse wore when they were his age and it looks so darn cute to see him with it on.  What a little man he is becoming. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

First time at Chuck E Cheese

We took our first adventure to Chuck E Cheese with Jaxon and he had a blast.  He loved playing all of the games, seeing all of the other kids playing and wasn't afraid to try anything!  I love the fact that he is so brave.  Even when Chuck E Cheese himself came out to say hello he wasn't afaid.