Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Attempt with Baby Food - Carrots!

"Yes dad - it's dinner time! What's the camera for?"

Here we go~

Not sure about the taste of the carrots.


Glad to be all done!

February 2010

February was quite the month for us and for Jaxon. On the 8th, we took Jaxon to Daycare and about 1 hour later they told us to come and pick him up because he was coughing and he was running a fever. When we picked him up they said that we should take him to the doctor because RSV was going around at the daycare, so we did...and in fact he did have RSV (which is a respiratory infection that has spread down into the lungs). They started him on a nebulizer in the office and then gave us one to take home and we had to give him treatments every four hours (even waking him up at night to do it) He really didn't like these treatments, so it took both us to do it. One to hold him with the wand right by his mouth and the other person to "entertain" him so that he didn't scream for the entire 15 minutes! We went back to the doctor the next day and he really wasn't getting much better, so Thursday - we were back at the doctor for another check up (hoping they wouldn't admit him to the hospital because that was the next step if he wasn't improving). But, he wasn't getting any worse (not any better, but not any worse) so they said we could keep him home, continuing treatments every 4 hours until Sunday, then tapering off to every six hours for the entire next week. So, Tuesday - back to the doctor and he was doing better (thankfully!) so the treatments continued until Saturday the 20th and then we were done with them! Just this week he started really feeling better and is back to his old self again and full of personality. During this wonderful sickness, he also got his first two teeth (the bottom two front teeth) he looks so cute with them. He can't stop chewing on his finger, it looks like he is thinking "what is this in my mouth - and how did it get there?" I'll try to capture a picture of him smiling with his teeth showing soon! Anyway, that was pretty much all we did in February is take care of our little sick boy - we are so happy his is feeling better and our lives are getting back into our normal routine (and mom and dad are getting some sleep too)!

Through all of this, we decided that he has just gotten too sick in daycare, so we are going to be keeping him at home and hiring a nanny to come and take care of him. We are so lucky that one of our good friends was able to quit her job and come and work for us Monday - Friday taking care of Jaxon - he and she will have a great time I'm sure, and we will be so thankful for him to be home, comfortable and healthy!!! :-)

Jaxon's Nursery

We were taking some pictures for Jaidean's Nursery Contest and I realized that I had never posted any pictures of Jaxon's nursery. His room is definitely my favorite room in the house, I love the colors we chose - it's so relaxing. So, here's a few pictures so that you can see what Jaxon's nursery looks like.

Jaxon laying on his comforter.

The saying on the wall says: "Superheroes, frogs, trucks and toys, there's nothing as wonderful as little boys!"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

4 month check-up

Jaxon had his 4 month check up last week and here are his latest "stats". 14 pounds (50th percentile) 25.5 inches long (75th percentile) He had quite a growth spurt since his last appointment - he's strong and healthy! Everything else checked out just great - and we got the go ahead to start feeding him rice cereal and shortly vegetables. He also had his second round of immunizations - which he did great with. When he got the first shot - he didn't even make a peep - the nurse was very impressed and said we have a little tough guy (she said they very rarely don't cry) He did let out a little whine with the second one, but overall did fantastic! His doctor also could feel the teething process coming on in his gums, and he is drooling ALOT lately, so we're just waiting for that first one to pop through! .

Monday, February 1, 2010

January at our house!!

Getting ready to try his first rice cereal!

First bite!

Looking pretty content!

All bundled up ready to go for a walk with mom in his big boy stroller!! He loves taking Bubba for a walk and watching him run ahead of us!

Hanging out in the exersaucer he got from Santa for Christmas!

Very relaxed in his newest sleeping pose! I think he learned this from his dad.

Meeting his cousin Caleb for the first time. Caleb is my (Holli) cousin Jacob and his wife Manda's son. They live in Missouri and were up to visit in January. Caleb and Jaxon are just about exactly two months apart and they really enjoyed playing with each other. We were fortunate to spend two evenings with them while they were here - I'm sure the next time the boys see each other they will be running around and causing trouble - like Schuler boys do :-)