Monday, October 31, 2011

Adventures in Stanley Park

Watching the Beluga Whales swim in the water.

Showing us what the seals do :-)

Loving the fish in the aquarium.

Hanging out with his Baby Beluga stuffed animal that Aunt Heidi bought him. He loved the belugas because his FAVORITE song from about birth to one year was Baby Beluga by Raffi. That was one of the songs that I played to him each night while I was pregnant and nothing calmed him down like playing that song during his first year. So cute!

Posing with Daddy.

He now loves riding on Daddy's shoulders.

Running through the native vilage they had set up in Stanley Park.

Another great restaurant. We sat on the deck and the view was amazing. The flowers were absolutely stunning. Put the Duncan Gardens at Manito to shame and if you have been to Manito Park in Spokane you know how beautiful those are!

Finding "dandyninons" in the park.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vancouver, continued...

Family shot at Bridges Restaurant, had THE best salad that I have ever had there - chicken watermelon salad - OMG it was amazing. I look for it at every restaurant that we go to now! The picture here is a little bit deceiving as it was dusk and we were absolutely freezing when the sun went down. The area was gorgeous though, sitting on the water with the Vancouver sky line to one side and the two main bridges to get in/out of Vancouver on the other two sides - definitely a great stop on our trip!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jaxon's First Trip Out of the Country

After our great stay in Birch Bay we headed north for Jaxon's first trip out of the country. We stayed in Vancouver, Canada for 2 nights and we absolutely LOVED it. You'll see from our pictures that we stayed at our company's community there, which was gorgeous. We went to Stanley Park - several times actually. Ate at some great restaurants and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Jaxon has always joked that he wants to move to Canada and after this trip it was pretty hard to convince him to come home!

Tapestry UBC - one of Leisure Care's gorgeous communities in Canada. This was the view from our balcony.

Another look out from our balcony.

Jaxon dressing just like daddy after a shower - when they walked out of the bathroom dressed just alike - I could not stop was so adorable!