Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

My dad turned 55 last month and we celebrated with a little party at Heidi's house. Jaxon is just the perfect age to finally have figured out what is going on and loves to join in on the festivities. Ever since his birthday in September, he gets so excited about birthdays. Anytime we start to sing Happy Birthday, he gets very excited! Here are a few photos from that evening.

Jaxon loved helping Grandpa open his presents! Christmas is going to be so much fun!

Jaxon helping Grandpa blow out his candles!

All dressed up for the cold and about to head for home. He fell asleep before we even got to the end of Heidi's street - he definitely had a good time and wore himself out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

First time in the snow!

We had quite an early snowfall this year. We were excited to get Jaxon all bundled up and take him out to see the snow falling for the first time. He didn't quite know what to think. It was very windy and cold and the snow kept blowing in his face, so that made him really hesitant. But it was definitely fun for us to see his reaction.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Seattle Trip - more photos!

Took a stop at a toy store in Westlake. Jaxon loved trying out all the toys!

Riding the train, good thing we didn't have enough room in our car - or this probably would have came home with us :-)

Looking so grown up!

Hanging out downtown with Daddy.

Mesmerized that he would get to watch cartoons while eating breakfast! Definitely a new concept and only happens while in hotels!

Off to Seattle - again!

Mr. Independent loves to push his own stroller these days.

Walking up to the entrance. It was a cold day in Seattle, luckily I had packed Jaxon's winter coat. The only good thing about the weather is that we practically had the zoo all to ourselves.

Checking out the peacock.

Jason noting his strange resemblence to the gorilla.

Jaxon loved the bronze statues of the gorillas.

He had a great time seeing all of these animals come to life. He can now makes lots of animals noises and can tell you what a cow says, what a dog says, cat, lion, monkey, duck, sheep, goat, pig, and rooster.

Aunt Heidi was there too!

What a bunch of monkeys!

Jaxon loved wearing this eagle mask in the gift shop. We spent some time in the gift shop getting warm. I love that Jaxon isn't at that age yet where he know that he should want something :-) We just go shopping to play and then we leave all the toys at the store and he doesn't mind one bit (yet!)

I was taking another trip to Seattle for work, so Jason decided to take vacation and he and Jaxon would come along with me. We stayed an extra day (we were going to stay two days, but the weather just didn't cooperate, so we came home early) and we went to the zoo and took Jaxon around Seattle. We had another great trip, although it is getting much harder to keep Jaxon occupied and "confined" when nothing is baby proofed! He loves to run everywhere, and being in unfamiliar surroundings proved to be a little challenging. He did great on the car ride though - we traveled during the evening so he would sleep and he just slept the whole way there and the whole way back, which was nice! Here are few photos from our trip.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Walking up to Aunt Heidi's house for trick or treating.

Getting ready for his first taste of candy!

Two suckers!!

Family shot!

Getting ready to walk up to Grandma's door for trick or treating.

Here we go!

Knock, knock Grandma!

Loving all the attention and looking so darn cute! Our little pumpkin!

I'm definitely late in this post (surprise, surprise) - but nonetheless, we had a great time with Jaxon on Halloween this year. He LOVED his costume and would laugh each time he looked in the mirror at himself. I enjoyed the fact that it was on the weekend, so we took Jaxon out "trick or treating" during the day and then were home in enough time to hand candy out at our house. Jaxon loved seeing the kids' costumes and got soooo excited each time the doorbell would ring. It was a great day.