Monday, March 14, 2011

Christmas Afternoon at Loon Lake

After we all rested up from our fun Christmas morning, we headed out to spend time with my Dad's family at Loon Lake. We didn't take any photos - except the nature shot, but I can tell you that Jaxon loved again - more presents, more attention, and more great food and treats!

Getting ready to head out - how cute is he in his little suit?? ADORABLE :-)

This looks like a picture out of a magazine or something, but this is the shot off my Grandma's deck on Christmas day - beautiful!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Christmas Morning - Round Two

A little later in the morning, my Dad and Heidi came over and my Dad made breakfast for everyone - thanks Dad. Then Jaxon was thoroughly spoiled with too many presents and of course lots and lots of love and attention. He had a great time - of course!
His gigantic stocking filled with presents from Grandpa and Aunt Heidi! He had this last year too - really shows how much he has grown.

Loves his new cowboy hat and popper.

Opening up the new dump truck from Grandpa.

Uncle Jesse giving horse rides!

This last picture sums it all up - tons of presents and wrapping paper all over - Jesse sleeping on the couch after eating a fantastic breakfast - you can't see it, but "Christmas Story" playing on the tv.....what a great Christmas morning :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas morning was lots of fun. Although Jaxon didn't really get was going on quite yet, we still had a blast. Jesse was at our house to share the morning with us - we were all a little bit tired because we had went to dinner on Christmas Eve with my Grandma out at my Aunt and Uncle's in Deer Park (can't believe we didn't take any pictures) and then after that we went to mid-night mass with my dad, Heidi, Jesse and Greg (which Jaxon slept through from beginning to end, LOL) - so Christmas morning came too early for us....but we had fun anyway. Here are a few shots from the morning.

Checking out what Santa left in his stocking - starting with the Elmo slippers. Jaxon really loves Elmo and it's so cute how he says it too!

Jesse opening up his stocking.

Jaxon checking ou the present that Santa brought under the tree - a new computer!

His favorite part about the presents this year - the bows!

Wearing his new Elmo slippers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christmas Eve Brunch with the Korbs

We celebrated Christmas with Jason's Dad, Debbie and Jesse on Christmas Eve Morning at our house for brunch and presents. It was Jaxon's first try with Christmas presents and he loved it (especially the bows). And you'll see that he is wearing his Santa outfit again (I told you he LOVED it)!

Helping Grandpa open his Christmas presents.

Opening a new book from Grandpa Greg and Grandma Debbie.

Jaxon put bows all over Jesse, looks great -huh?

Helping Mommy open her presents.

Giving Grandma Debbie all the bows, what a great helper!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day Before the Night Before Christmas

A few years ago, my sister started the fabulous of tradition of inviting us over for a crab dinner feast on the 23rd - or better known in my family as the "Day before the night before Christmas..." I must say that we have come to love this tradition as the food is incredible and I don't have to cook during that busy time of the year :-) Here are a few snapshots of our evening at her house.

Jaxon, of course, had to come wearing his Santa outfit (he absolutley loved wearing it - probably still would if we let him)!

Running to the window to see Grandpa arrive.

Jaxon surprising Grandpa.

Ho, ho, ho - who's here?

I just had to show the shoe picture - definitely perfect for the outfit. And again - I guess you have to know our family - but we are totally in to shoe pictures - we have the best one from our wedding that still is out in a frame in our house to this day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tea Party 2010

It was our 9th Annual Holiday Tea Party - a tradition that we started in 2002 where the ladies on my mom's side of the family (and a few friends) come over and celebrate the holidays with tea and a cookie exchange. Jaxon was ready for a party and wearing his Santa hat. I am sad that we didn't get a group shot....this is the first year we didn't. But we had a great time, as always!

This little boy is always ready for a party and of course always ready to entertain.

Jaxon and Emery at their table having something to drink and cookies.