Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is what Jaxon thought of yogurt the first time he ate it.....get ready to laugh out loud at this face!

Jaxon's First Steps - June 14th, 2010

Jaxon took his first steps in our backyard on Monday, June 14th. I'm so glad that he did this while we were bot home. As you can see in the pictures, Jaxon was ready to go, I just wasn't sure I could let go (literally) from him yet :-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taco Tuesday @ Aunt Heidi's

It seems like we don't get together as a family as much any more on the Thompson side of the family (that my mom's side), but it has been so nice...this year my sister has started Taco Tuesday on the first Tuesday of the month at her house. It gives all the Thompson cousins - (who live close anyway) and Grandma the chance to get together and spend some time catching up. Jaxon has a great time and LOVES seeing his Cousins Kaden & Emma - they are so cute and Jaxon has so much fun watching them run around, make silly faces at him, and most recently they have been teaching him to count and say his ABC's!
Here are a few snapshots from our Taco Tuesday in June.
Jaxon wearing his "My Aunt Rocks" shirt - which Great Grandma thought said "My Runt Rocks" and she couldn't figure out why we have gotten him a shirt that said that!! LOL!

Great Grandma Thompson, Mommy & Jaxon!

Uncle Jesse's Graduation Party!

Another great event at the beginning of June - was Jesse's graduation party. It's hard to believe - but Jesse graduated from DPHS this year and we were excited to host his party at our house. There we lots of people there, TONS of food (you'll have to ask Kim about the potato salad) and definitely beautiful weather. Congrats Jesse - we are so proud of you and are excited for your upcoming adventure at NNU!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Forgot a few...

So, I am a little out of order, but I didn't want to skip posting these pictures. The first are from Jason's 31st birthday which was May 26th and then the last three are from the trip we took to Missoula at the end of March to check out the U of M campus with Jesse. I can't believe how little Jaxon looks in those pictures - wow, he sure has been growing a lot more hair lately :-)

Jaxon LOVES listening to his daddy play guitar (nowadays, Jaxon strums right along with Jason, making the songs sound a little different, but they both have a great time! I don't think we have a picture of it, but Jaxon also really likes playing the tamborine)

Showing everybody after dinner how he just learned how to stand!

Jesse and Jason at the University of Montana. I don't have it on my computer, but I have a picture of Jason and Jesse in this same spot from my sophomore year when I attended the U of M and Jason and Jesse drove over for visit. Jesse was 6 at the time and much shorter then, it's sooooo cute. I need to get this one printed and put them both side by side in a frame!

Jaxon ready for the drive.

All 4 Korb boys by the Griz!

Another Trip...

After Jesse's Track Meet in Tacoma - we took a trip to Portland for my work (we didn't take any photos there, oops!) Then the first week in June we took another trip for work - back to Seattle again. We got to do a few fun things, along with the work for me - which was actually very fun and relaxing. My sister Heidi also was able to come along for the trip and help out with Jaxon while we were out - and he had a great time exploring Seattle and our hotel room with her!

Enjoying the Mariners game (too bad they lots by quite a few runs!)

It was a gorgeous day in Seattle!

Jaxon having fun in the hotel room with Aunt Heidi.

We attended a formal awards dinner and banquet for work which was on the top floor of the tallest building in Seattle. The views were fantastic - but it was a little strange when the clouds surrounded the building and you couldn't see anything. I can definitely say I had never been up in a building so high, it was amazing!

On the first day there - Jaxon checking out the view from the W hotel in Seattle.

Uncle Jesse's Track Meet

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we travelled A LOT in April, May & June and we were fortunate enough to drive over to Tacoma (and back in one day!!) to see Jesse take part in the State Track Meet for Discuss. Although the weather was freezing and I didn't take a coat and wore sandals, luckily we had lots of blankets and gloves for Jaxon. He is always up for an adventure and loved all the people around! I'm so glad we were there - and Jesse placed 5th and got to take part in the medal ceremony. Great memories!

Getting ready for the first round.

Jaxon was also really working on breaking a tooth through his gums (you can kind of see a little blood on his left glove, poor little guy!) He is still always content and happy though, I don't think he minds the cold, the tooth pain, etc. - as long as got to see Uncle Jesse throw the Discuss!

Jesse and Reid after the medal ceremony.

All the boys!

Jesse - very proud of his medal!